Beyond Bites

Breakfast  7:30am - 11am

All served with your choice of

Balinese coffee, tea (green/black), or fresh juice (orange/watermelon)

For other beverage options please check our A La Carte Menu (subject to additional charge)

Beyond Special

Shashuka in the Crepe   

Sunny side-up, onion, red peppers, tomato sauce, feta

Red Eggplant  Crepe  

Buckwheat crepes with eggplant, roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce

Crepe Classic  

Buckwheat crepes with mushrooms sauce, mushroom fricassee, spinach, mozzarella cheese, sunny side-up

Classic Morning

Soooo-good Omelette  

Spinach, mushroom, cheese, bacon, sourdough on the side


Divine Frittata  

Cherry tomato, spinach mushroom, cheese, sourdough on the side

Breakfast Wrap

Scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato salsa, tortilla, chilli mayo on the side.

Something Sweet

French Toast   

Cinnamon batter, bacon, banana, maple syrup

(Please choose from beef bacon or pork bacon).

Banana Bread and His Friends

Simple banana bread with beyond signature chocolate sauce that you will never forget.

Banana Pancake with Two Sauce

Pancake with banana, fruit topping, chocolate sauce and peanut sauce. 

Something Indonesian

Nasi Goreng Indonesian   

Chicken, egg, Indonesia spices, crackers, sambal & acar


Mie Goreng Classic Indonesian 

Chicken, egg, vegetables, crackers, sambal & acar


Please kindly inform us:
1.  Your choice of dishes
2. Your prefered time of dining (7:30am-11:00am)


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