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Honeymoon Heaven

Beyond Bayou is inspired by one of the most coveted honeymoon destinations in the world, the isolated islands of Maldives. But instead of staying in the middle of nowhere, Beyond Bayou is situated in the lively heart of Seminyak. So stay in and enjoy your epic villa with private eats and drinks or go out and dance to your love.



A truly bespoke hospitality experience is at the heart of everything that Beyond does. So our exceptionally friendly staff is happy to turn your design room into a cozy love-nest or try help with any romantic request.

Bubble Bath

Bathing together or alone can truly be improved with floating flowers and some fragrant foam. Our bespoke Beyond Bubbles collection will provide a tailor-made bath scent experience and for the petals it's a matter of beauty between Balinese frangipani or rose petals.

Beyond Bayou by Madeleine

Beyond Bites

After an utterly amazing wedding ceremony and all additional activities, a honeymoon is often the ideal moment to relax and relive those magical moments. Beyond Bayou is ready to pamper honeymooners with a savory or sweet poolside love feast.

Private Dinner

Beyond Bayou is not only mouthwatering tasteful for your eyes, but also houses an absolute feast for your tastebuds as well. Beyond Bites is our invitation-only restaurant that's part of the oasis and a perfect place for a romantic dinner. But in case it needs to be even more private or tailored, we offer a candlelit table on our central island or even your villa's pool-side deck.

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