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From 7:30 am - 11 am. 

Something Savory


Avocado Smash   75k
Poached egg, feta cheese, local herbs, cherry tomato, sourdough.

Big Breakfast   85k

Eggs your way, hash-brown, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, sourdough.

Eggs Benedict   85k

Two poached eggs, spinach and Hollandaise sauce on English muffin.

Breakfast Wrap   65k

Scrambled eggs, avocado, salsa, cheddar, chili mayonnaise in tortilla.


Classic Omelette   75k

Two eggs, spinach, mushrooms, fresh cheese, sourdough on the side.


Divine Frittata   75k

Cherry tomatoes, spinach, mushroom, cheese, sourdough on the side.

Mush & Cheese Toastie   75k

Mushroom, spinach, cheese, sourdough, salad on the side.

BLT Classic Sandwich   75k

Sunny side up, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sourdough

Add: egg/ spinach/ mushroom/ sourdough + 10K; cheese/ bacon/ hash-brown + 15K

Something Crêppy (Subject to availability)

Classic Crêpe   75k

Buckwheat crêpe with mushrooms sauce, mushroom fricassee, spinach, mozzarella cheese, baked egg sunny-side up.

Red Eggplant Crêpe   75k

Buckwheat crêpe with eggplant, roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, homemade tomato sauce.

Something Sweet

French Toast Feast   75k

Cinnamon infusion, sliced bananas, seared bacon, maple syrup.

(Please choose from beef bacon or pork bacon).


Classic Banana Crêpe   65K

Classic crêpe with banana fillings, chocolate sauce, strawberry & crumbles garnishing.


Banana Pancake Party   65K

Fresh fluffy pancake, peanut sauce, chocolate sauce, fruit topping.

Something Fruity

Dragonola  (Smoothie Bowl)   65K

Dragonfruit & banana smoothie, topped with chia seed, strawberries, roasted granola, mint.

MangoTiki  (Smoothie Bowl)   60K

Mango, passionfruit & banana smoothie, topped with coconut flakes, granola, mint.

Fruitlicious   65K

Cut fruit (dragonfruit, banana, strawberries), topped with yogurt, coconut flakes, edible flowers, granola, mint. 

Something Indonesian

Nasi Goreng Bali   55k

Chicken, egg, garlic aromatic ginger spices, crackers, sambal & acar.


Nasi Goreng Bayou   55k

Chicken, egg, traditional Indonesian spices, crackers, sambal & acar.

Mie Goreng Beyond   55k

Chicken, egg, handpicked local vegetables, crackers, sambal & acar.



Beyond Tempura

Mushroom Tempura   45k

Locally sourced mushrooms with homemade chili mayonnaise.


Vegetable Tempura   45k

Mixed veggies, baby beans, leek, carrot, onion, chili mayonnaise.


Eggplant Tempura   45k

Fresh local eggplants served with homemade chili mayonnaise.

Finger Friendly Food

Chicken Popcorn   65k

Nashville style inspired batter, salt & pepper, chili mayonnaise.


Korean Hot Wings   65k

Perfectly crispy fried chicken wings with Korean chimaek sauce.

Wrap it Up

Beyond Chicken Bakpao (3pcs)   65K

Crispy chicken, lettuce, chili mayonnaise, red onion pickles, alfalfa.

Korean Chicken Bakpao (3pcs)   65K

Crispy chicken with Korean chimaek sauce, cucumber and vegies.


Southern Fried Chicken Wrap   75K
Tortilla wrap with friend Southern style chicken, fresh cheddar, bacon, baby romaine, salsa sauce, homemade chili mayonnaise.


Shrimp Ahoy Taco  (3pcs)  55K
Super tasty grilled shrimps on tortilla wrap, salsa sauce, lettuces, homemade chili mayonnaise.

Crunchy Chicken Burger  75K

Brioche bun, crispy chicken gojujang mayo, coriander, cucumber, mixed salad.

Tropical Delights

Frame-grilled Chicken Caesar Salad   85k

Juicy grilled chicken, secrete Caesar dressing, egg, Parmesan cheese, sourdough croutons, romaine leaves. 

Fresh Spring Rolls   65k

Vietnamese spring rolls, lettuce, noodles, shrimp, beansprout, carrot, cucumber, Asian peanut sauce & Nuoc cham sauce.

Glass Noodle Salad   65K

Pan seared fresh local shrimps, glass noodles, red cabbage, carrots, hand crushed peanuts, homemade Thai dressing.


From 11am

Chicken Satay   65k

Grilled chicken, homemade peanut sauce, sambal, sliced shallots.

Tuna Tartare   75k

Fresh tuna, lemon soy, Japanese sesame dressing, alfalfa.


Beetroot Falafel   75k

Fresh fried falafel, beetroot hummus, feta cheese, sesame.

Mahi-Mahi Magic   85K

Pan-seared local white hearty fish, baby beans, carrots, broccoli, homemade kalasan sauce & chef's special sambal matah.

Chicken/Fish Currylicious 75K

Indonesian curry made out of freshly grounded local spices with your choice of chicken, fish or beef.

Beyond Chicken Kremes  65K
Deep fried aromatic chicken with crisps, sambal merah.


Dessert Time

Banana Fritter Almond   45k

Crispy banana in golden wrap, mixed with our guests' favorite chocolate sauce and roasted almond flakes. 

Cheeky Carrot Cake   35k

House made carrot cake with cream cheese on top,


Fudgy Foodie Brownnie   55k

All the goodness you expect - there's only one way to find out!




Espresso        (S) 15K  (D) 25K

Latte                 (M) 28K  (L) 38K

Ice Latte         (M) 32K   (L) 40K

Cappuccino              (M) 30K   (L) 40K


Coffee Affogato  (Vanilla)        30K 

Coconut Chocolate Mocha      (Hot) 38K   ( ICE ) 45K

Fresh Juice 

Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon, Mango (Seasonal)

Single Juice (20K),  Mixed Juice (25K)

Soft Drinks

Coca-cola, Sprite, Soda, Ginger Ale, Tonic     15K