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The Seminyak Good Life Around Beyond Bespoke

We've selected some amazing venues that are still open during the current pandemic season.
However we recommend you to contact venues directly to confirm the current operation hours. 

Coffee, Breakfast & Brunch

All within 5 minutes from Beyond Bespoke

Revolver - Best coffee in town with the right vibes and attitude.

Sisterfields -Australian cafe with the finest taste and great cocktails.

Kynd - Chic Vegan Cafe with Instagram perfect dishes and design.

Pison - Indonesian flavour at its best with great coffee to match.

Coffee Cartel - Bali's diversity of coffee beans at the tip of your fingers and tastebuds.

Kimsoo - Lifestyle Cafe & Interior Design for to feed your belly and inspiration.


Baby Revolver - Cozy cafe in layback Revolver style to relax and kickback.


Mano House - Breakfast bonanza with food that almost outdoes the ocean view.


Beach Bar & Sunset Mood

5 to 15 minutes ride from Beyond Bespoke

707 Beachberm - Local music gem with chillaxed beats and sunsets.


W Hotel Woo Bar - Where all the hip and happening gather to meet and greet.


Potato Head Beach Club - Famous for its epic music and the perfect spot to see and be seen.


Cafe del Mar - Ibiza favourite that is now rocking and shocking the show in Bali.


La Plancha - Seminyak classic that keeps delivering the right funk and flow.


Petitenget Beach - Perfect public beach close to the temple to chillax and sunset.


KU DE TA - Ultimate go to beach club to get your groove and heartbeat going.


The Legian Hotel - Tranquil corner of Seminyak to get away from all the swag and sway.

Dining & Absolute Gourmet

1 to 5 minutes from Beyond Bespoke

Sangsaka - Hidden Gem with absurdly fabulous Indonesian food and flair.


Si Jin Steak House - A modern steakhouse with exquisite Korean allure and sizzle.


Mauri - Italian contemporary cuisine by the infamous and indulgious Maurizio Bombini.

Bambu - Fabulous dining spot where food and design constantly battle about who's more epic.


Kajin - Japanese sushi bar with cozy ambiance and crazy fresh fish.


Kilo Kitchen - International fusion food heaven in a concrete jungle of coolness.


Barbacoa - Latin South American restaurant and bar to fulfil your hunger and soul.


Boy N Cow - Beef Boutique & Cocktail Lounge with finger licking design and steaks.

Nightlife and Crowds

Within 5 minutes from Beyond Bespoke

Shishi - Night Club & Cocktail Bar with perfect drinks to match the epic design.


La Favela - Tropical Magic Club that mixes the best from Brazil with the beauty from Bali.


Motel Mexicola - Party place extraordinaire where the nights are long and the dance floor hot.


Da Maria - Italian feast where the party raves on like there is no dormani.


Within 5 minutes from Beyond Bespoke

Masceti Temple - A picturesque temple by the beach to refresh your soul and stroll.


Soham - Gym & Wellness Center to get your blood rushing or body relaxing.


Seminyak Village - Shopping Center for all your earthly needs and more.


Pepito Supermarket - Fresh Market for all your food, fabulousness and convenience.

Time to start your adventure!

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