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Beyond Bites

Dinner Menu  (Please order a day in advance)

Beyond Bites is a seamlessly interweaved and tastebuds tantalizing ingredient of our Beyond experience. The menu consists of delicious contemporary dishes from all over the world with a unique local Balinese twist, to honor the local cuisine and deliver a literal taste of the island.

Set Menu: 

  •  1 from Starter + 2 from Delight /Main: 250K / 2pax

  •  2 from Starter/Delight + 2 from Delight/Main: 300K / 2pax

  • Cocktail Pairing: 2 cocktails 180K/ 4 cocktails: 300K

  • Add dessert: + 45/Dish

  • Romantic dinner setup (rose petals + candles): + 100K


Chicken Satay  

Grilled chicken, homemade peanut sauce, sambal, sliced shallots.


Vegetarian Satay  

Marinated grilled tempeh, homemade peanut sauce, sambal.

Satay Lilit   

Grilled local white hearty fish, Balinese spices, sambal matah.

Fresh Spring Rolls  

Vietnamese spring rolls, lettuce, noodles, shrimp, beansprout, carrot, cucumber, Asian peanut sauce & Nuoc cham sauce.

Crispy Spring Rolls

Chicken, cabbages, bean sprouts, sweet chili sauce.


Glass Noodle Salad  

Pan seared fresh local shrimps, glass noodles, red cabbage, carrots, hand crushed peanuts, homemade Thai dressing.


Grill Chicken Ceasar Salad  

Romain, egg, sunflower seed, parmesan, caesar dressing. 

Beetroot Falafel   

Fresh fried falafel, beetroot hummus, feta cheese, sesame.

Beetroot Super Salad  

Beetroot, apple, lettuce, roasted almond, balsamic, poached egg on top, local herbs, feta, sourdough on the side.   


Pan-Seared  Snapper/Mahi-Mahi   

Pan-seared local white hearty fish, baby beans, carrots, broccoli, homemade kalasan sauce & chef's special sambal matah.

Chicken/Fish Currylicious 

Indonesian curry made out of freshly grounded local spices with your choice of chicken or fish.

Beyond Chicken Kremes  
Deep fried aromatic chicken with crisps, sambal merah.

Nasi Goreng Bali  

Chicken, egg, garlic aromatic ginger spices, crackers, sambal & acar.


Nasi Goreng Bayou  

Chicken, egg, traditional Indonesian spices, crackers, sambal & acar.

Mie Goreng Beyond  

Chicken, egg, handpicked local vegetables, crackers, sambal & acar.



Fudgy Brownies

Chocolate sauce, almond, crumble, 


Apple Cinna Crêpe  

Buckwheat crêpe with apple, cinnamon, maple syrup, fruit topping.


Banana Fritter Almond  

Banana brulee, almond crumble, chocolate sauce. 

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